Mets Police Morning Laziness: Late Night With MLB (and without Me)

SLACKISH REACTION:  I don’t even know what to say.  Let me start here..

Let me to some math…8:23 is like 8:30, threeand a half hours…that’s midnight.

I am stunned to see the final score.

I made it to 9:45.

As I wrote yesterday, I traditionally LOVE the All Star Game and have the last twenty something on tape.

Last night’s game just wasn’t grabbing me.  The one Mets player was out.  I don’t know who half these guys are.  I understand that YOU might, but I don’t.

And around 9:45 I decided I didn’t care.  I actually watched CNN for a bit to see what Trump was up to.  Then back to the game and then turned it off whenever it was that the AL changed all 9 players to guys I had really never heard of.

And now I see the game was 10-9 and extra innings.

If an All Star Game falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Here’s a map for MLB.

My focus group of two included a 15 year old.  He came by “because Dad asked” but he left when JDG did.  Not much interest in this house.

My takeaways?  Stop starting these games so late.  And baseball needs to market their stars better.  I thought they did a good job at that last night by putting mikes on a few guys and letting Joe Buck clown up a little.  It was much more interesting than the normal dugout stuff which is what I thought we would get.

Anyway, mixed emotions here.  I feel like baseball threw a cool party in the middle of the night after I went home. The part of the party I was at?  Boring.

NOT LINKING:  The Every Year First Half Grades articles, and more “is Yo coming back?” stuff.

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