LOL Yankees schedule weirdly timed Saturday 1:05pm game vs. Mets

Hey guys, this is weird.

The Yankees-Mets game is scheduled for 1:05pm.  Crazy, right?    Mets executives have repeatedly said that their research shows fans prefer night games.

I see FOX has (Angels)-Astros at 7, but I guess the Yankees could still have played at 4 rather than this crazy weekend early afternoon stuff that teams like the Cubs do.

Why would the Yankees schedule a baseball game for a sunny Saturday afternoon?  That’s so weird!  Have they not done the expert research that the Mets have done?  They must not have, otherwise why would someone think someone would want to go to a game on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Interestingly, according to ESPN, the Yankees are averaging 33,574 which is #1 in MLB.   The Mets are 17th at 28,180.    Imagine what the cap would be if the Mets didn’t play those convenient Saturday Night games, or if the Yankees did.

Anyway, it LOLYankees time as they play a baseball game at Saturday at 1:05pm which, as the Mets tell us, nobody wants.  I sure hope someone shows up!

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