Guest Experiences: What should the role of an usher at a Mets game be?

Citi Field Ushers have been in the conversation this week.

Over the weekend we shared with you the usher who made sure guys didn’t move to the first row for the final out.

Looks like it happened again…

….I’ll come back to that.

Last night, I saw a tweet from TC who said that after the rain delay he was (my word) hassled by an usher out in CF who wanted to see his ticket.  TC was trying to make his way back to a section that was largely empty, after a two hour rain delay.  His ticket was wet so the usher made him pull out his device and show proof.

Let’s stop there.  What are we even doing, Mets?  Is this really what you want the Guest Experience to be?

Let’s talk it through.  Let’s assume TC is a TOTAL SCAMMER.   He didn’t even buy a ticket, he hopped the fence and somehow got into Citi.  Now, after a two hour rain delay he has decided to sneak into some seats 500 feet from home plate.   What’s the point of hassling him?

That was my mindset, then I learned some more.

It turns out that it was T-SHIRT OUTING NIGHT!  You know, the 7 line Army.  And it turns out that TC was wearing the 7 Line Army Jersey.

So here’s a guy, after a two hour rain delay, dressed like 7 Line Army, heading into the 7 Line Army section and the usher is gonna check tickets?

Some people provided a devil’s advocate and suggested….well The 7 Line sells those jerseys separately, what if the guy didnt have a ticket for the section.

OK…..lets play that out….

TC is a mastermind.  He brings his spare T7LA jersey to all games just in case.  Some night there will be a two hour rain delay and he will whip out the jersey and sneak into the seats 500 feet from home plate, for a game between two teams having lousy seasons, after a two hour rain delay.

Wow that is some plan.

And even if it was he plan – why the hell would the Mets fight that battle?

To make things weirder, Darren of T7L was in the conversation and stuck up for the usher and the concept of rules.


Well Darren, I had the TV on and in that section -here’s before the rain

and here’s the after the rain


Looks to me like some folks moved down lower….rules were not enforced in the section and people started sitting wherever they wanted and the world didn’t end.

We also need to talk to everyone about Loyal To The Last Out, not Loyal Until We’re A Game Ahead Of the Marlins And/Or It Might Rain – bad showing by the Army, but I digress and come here to fight with the Mets not you guys – remember I am trying to stick up for one of the people in the orange jerseys.

Anyway….sidebar ended…..why hassle TC?

Which gets me back to the point of asking what the role of the ushers should be?

My experience, and this goes back to the 80s, is the ushers at Shea were douchebags who just wanted tips, and the ushers at Citi are just douchebags.  Not helpful, not friendly, guys checking a clock and hassling fans because of The Rules.

So Mets, here’s what I suggest.  A Neighborhood Policeman Approach combined with common sense.

The 7 Line guys are not some obscure group outing.  There’s a website and coordination with your ticket department.  Learn the dates and put the same guy out there.  Imagine if the usher actually got to know the regulars in his section… an old time beat cop would do.

Teach your ushers to recognize normal and not normal.  We all know the difference between drunk assholes and some guy with a little kid.

Use common sense – after a two hour rain delay is not the time to bust balls.  This isn’t Game 7 of the World Series.  It’s a lame Wednesday night game in the rain.  So some guys sneak down a few rows.  Who gives a hoot?

I know your argument is that Scrooge McMoneybags is going to show up in the 14th inning after 4 rain delays and be mad that two guys are in his seats.  Is that actually a real issue?  No, no its not.

The spirit here is for you not to put more barriers between the customer and your product.  You screwed me opening day with obstructed views and nobody cared, so fine, I just won’t give you money.  TC just wanted to sit with the group.  The guys in Niko’s tweets were sneaking down two rows late in games.  Who cares?  Why are you policing this?

Maybe ask someone if they need help.  Wipe down a seat.   Be helpful and welcoming.  When we did Wrigley a few years back the ushers walked up to us and asked if they could take our pictures for us!!!

Be thankful anyone is supporting the product….not just in bad times, but any time.  The Fortnite/NBA Generation is coming….hold onto what you have tightly…with hugs.

You know how to reach me.

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