Mets played the first official night game at Wrigley Field 30 years ago on August 9, 1988

Lots of anniversary stuff about the first night game at Wrigley Field on 8/8/88 but you may not remember that the Mets played the first OFFICIAL NIGHT GAME there.

The 8/8/88 game was rained out as God let us know that night baseball at Wrigley was a bad idea.  The next night, the Mets rolled into town for a night game.

It was 1988, so things were going well for our Mets.  We had recovered from the one weird year that interrupted The Dynasty, but our boys were rocking on the way to a second ring.

Sid Fernandez took the mound.  6.2 and 4 runs, which you’d accept now but was a garbage start in the 80s.  FOUR RUNS?  6 and 2/3?  Lame.

The lineup was more or less the usual suspects.  Davey was playing cowboy with Hojo at shortstop.  Over on the Cubs side, guys like Sandberg, Dawson and apparently Rafael Palmeiro was a Cub.  And Rich Gossage was a 1988 Cub?  What?

Anyway the Mets lost 6-4, the game was an insanely long 3:03 and I was playing cards at my friend’s house as we watched the game on TV.


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