Weekday Day Baseball Games are INSANE but here’s an idea the Mets should try

Here we are and once again the Mets have a random weekday day game.  My point here isn’t anti-Mets, it’s anti-concept.  It is insane to play games at these times.  It really makes no sense to me that you tell me MLB has to play nighttime Saturday games and nighttime World Series games, but a Wednesday afternoon game is fine.  Insane.

The arguments will be “the Mets sell tickets to camps” and “travel.”  I will come back to the former, but travel wise, the Mets have until Friday night to get to Miami.  Oooooh.  A two hour charter flight.  Sounds rough.  The Reds are also off Thursday and have to get to Cincy by Friday Ooooh.  Play a night game.

Anyway….they are insane.

However, because I am a major hypocrite I attended a weekday day game on Friday.  I was at Wrigley for a 1pm Friday start and it was fantastic.

So here is my proposal to the Mets….I am not asking you to change anything you do (save one).  If you want to play Wednesday noon games go nuts, I just won’t consume it.

However, I think the Mets should consider ONCE A SUMMER doing  a Friday 1pm game.   I have done a few of these over the years at Wrigley, and there’s something about a Summer Friday.  You feel like you’re extending the weekend.  Most jobs are a little calmer and you can escape from the office – or, in the case of Chicago, it’s socially cool to invite a client to a Friday afternoon game.

I think the Mets could turn this into A THING.  One Friday in the summer, 1pm, once.  I could see the T-Shirt Enthusiasts being all in.  You could still sell to the camps (OK fine do it at noon, whatever, just do it).   It could become an annual tradition.

I know I am asking the Mets to give up a Friday night…but the last Friday night before the Yankees Friday night game was July 13 vs. the Nats.  26, 356 paid.   The Wednesday day game on July 25 had 30,963.  So we may both be right here (maybe weekday day games aren’t insane, even though they are hahaha).

So what do you think?  Random late July/early August Friday day game?  Discuss at Facebook.com/metspolice 

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