Let’s comment on the 2018 Mets Players Weekend Nicknames, shall we?

The Players Weekend Jerseys are out  – so I thought it would be fun to comment briefly on the nicknames.

Tyler Bashlor: “BASH”  – makes sense
Jose Bautista: “JOEYBATS”  – well of course
Jerry Blevins: “JER-RY JER-RY JER-RY” is trying too hard
Jay Bruce: “BRUUUCE” – perfect
Yoenis Cespedes: “LA POTENCIA” – I guess. This never really stuck but OK fine
Michael Conforto: “SCOOTER” – I guess his teammates call him that?  I associate it once and forever with Rizzuto
Travis d’Arnaud: “LIL d” – kinda funny until you realize you put it on your jersey and there may an entendre you didn’t want.  Or maybe you did.  This one is bad.
Jacob deGrom: “deGROM” – I love you.  Perfect.
Phillip Evans: “BARREL” – what?  No.  You’re lucky you even have a jersey.  EVANS.
Wilmer Flores: “CATIRE” – huh?  Googles CATIRE SPANISH. Learns it could mean blonde or fairskinned.  Look if I have to spend this much time on it it’s a bad nickname.

Let’s stop down here for….
Todd Frazier: “TODDFATHER”


Robert Gsellman: “G-MAN” – love it.
Luis Guillorme: “LUISMI” – don’t like it, don’t really care.  Whatever.
Austin Jackson: “A-JAX” – nice
Juan Lagares: “ANGELO” – I’m missing something
Seth Lugo: “QUARTERRICAN” – works
Steven Matz: “MATZY” – I guess….
Jeff McNeil: “JT” – um sure.
Devin Mesoraco: “ROCKO” – yeah?  I guess.
Rafael Montero: “MONTERO” – wait, you’re still a thing?  You should go with IMMORTAL
Brandon Nimmo: “NIMMS” – stupid Apple autocorrect
Corey Oswalt: “OZ” – I guess
Kevin Plawecki: “PLAW DAWG” – POOCHIE
AJ Ramos: “JUNIOR” – you can never go wrong with this.

Jose Reyes: “LA MELAZA” – Jose has been pushing this for 16 years.  Does ANYONE call him this ever?  Too bad Montero grabbed IMMORTAL.  You should troll everyone and do JOSE WILPON or UNCUTTABLE or something.  Oh wait….duh….dude….lean into it and do…..THE VIRUS.  Come on man, do it.

Jacob Rhame: “RHAMROD” – wait your name isn’t pronounced “Raim”
T.J. Rivera: “T-BUTTA” – Poochie
Amed Rosario: “EL NIÑO” – hmmmm
Paul Sewald: “PAULIE” – I kind like it
Drew Smith: “SMITTY”  – Paulie set the table nicely for this
Anthony Swarzak: “T-SWEEZY” – fun
Noah Syndergaard: “THOR” – I don’t get it.  Why Thor?
Jason Vargas: “VARGY” – I tried to come up with a joke and failed
Bobby Wahl: “PEANUT” – you don’t have a cool Wall related nickname?
Zack Wheeler: “WHEELS” – Yep
David Wright: “D-DUB”– I don’t know who this is.

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