David Wright to play one last game for the Mets

Even though this day would come sooner or later I am stunned.  I can’t believe I am writing this blog post, and I don’t know how I could even write another post after this one.

As I am sure you have heard, David Wright will be activated on September 25th, start at third on the 29th, and then call it a career.   He is not “retiring” but will be “physically unable to play” – so that sounds like a road for (not being jerky) the insurance policy getting David his money for the next two years.  Kind of like the end of Mo Vaughn’s career.

Also, not important today but interesting, this explains why the Mets tried so hard last night to avoid dropping a doubleheader onto Saturday the 29th when the Marlins come back.

I won’t say it feels like yesterday but it doesn’t seem like all that long ago DW was brought up.

I wonder if we will see some sort of patch that weekend?

Again, I can’t believe I am writing this post – and don’t know how to go on from here – so I will just go on and post whatever I would have posted normally, whether it’s a Sterling or Scully or whatever else pops up this afternoon.   Right now, I’m just kind of sad and stunned, even though we knew it was coming.