I’m truly sad about David Wright, Captain of the New York Mets

If you follow me on twitter you know that most nights I say something like ‘I don’t care if they win/lose, as long as they do it in under three hours.”

This news, this news is different.  This time I care.

I have been in a funk all day since the press conference.

I went upstairs and got a David Wright jersey, a black one actually, and put it on.  I bought tickets.

I imagined myself at Citi Field at the game, and I for real got choked up.  How will any of us get through that day without crying.

I keep thinking about July 4, 1938 and Lou Gehrig.  Different circumstances and yet not.  The Captain saying goodbye.  How will we not all cry our eyes out?

In some ways I think this would have been easier on me if I just got some random press release in the winter letting me know David’s career had ended two years ago.  I kind of knew it had.

But this….so different….one…last….game.    I am getting misty eyed even typing this.

I bought two tickets, then texted my son.  He’s in.

Back to my opening line about not caring and caring.  There are times when the Mets Family has to come together, and it’s not for bobbleheads or to watch Austin Jackson and Todd Frazier play out the string.  They might be Mets but they aren’t METS.  John Franco may have had a C for a while, but David is CAPTAIN.  This is different.  He is different.

David Wright is everything you could have ever wanted in a player, in a captain.  I’m just kind of stunned and numb.  I don’t know how I will get through that game, but I will be there.

I just edited the title and got choked up again…holy cow if David gives a speech that day I can’t even…..