Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets hand in 5.5 hour rain delay, but that’s not even why I am upset

So much to hate again today.

So why am I upset? My morning started with this article with the headline Callaway on Mets Spirit: We Didn’t Quit. Just go fuck yourselves. The Mickey Mafia is back.  I mean seriously fuck you with that.

Then let’s talk about the 5.5 hour rain delay.  What are we even doing?  5.5 hours and no updates from the Mets on social media, and I am told there weren’t any in the ballpark.   Who benefits from a game starting at 9:45pm?  The Mets and Marlins meet again today AND there’s another Mets-Marlins series in Citi Field over the last weekend of the season.  Why torture the fans and your own players?  What are we even doing?

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets won 13-0.  I guess Wheeler is good – he does have more wins than that guy who won’t be winning the CYA.  Anyway who cares about this game.  The second game never happened, and I think they are playing two again today starting at 3:10.

We are told there will be a David Wright announcement today.  Hooray!   Somehow given 5.5 hours none of the beat reporters was able to pry the story out of anyone.

That’s some Major Scully action there Manny – that’s how you do it Gare!

But this next one might win tweet of the year!



Maybe they should have had an Old Timers’ Game while everyone was there.