Mets Police Morning Laziness: hurting from the Wright news

Pretty much only one topic, right?  I found the news made me actually very sad and touched some Mets emotions that hadn’t been touched in quite some time.  I wrote about that, and how we face our own July 4, 1938, here.

Wouldn’t it be be neat If all the Mets wore orange undershirts that day?  Some thoughts on the rules – and surprise, it would not be a violation.

So Wright won’t actually retire, he will just be Physically unable To Play.  For those of you confused by this, look to Mo Vaughn.

t might sound as if Vaughn was retiring. But Vaughn, whose 2003 season ended after 27 games because of an arthritic left knee, made no announcement to that effect in a conference call with reporters.

There are some financial benefits for both Vaughn and the Mets in not defining his status. If Vaughn, who is 36, spends the entire 2004 season on the injured reserve list, he will be eligible to receive his $15 million salary. If he retired, Vaughn would get nothing.

An insurance policy taken out by the Mets on Vaughn would reclaim most of the $15 million after Vaughn spends 90 days on the disabled list. The Mets have a $14 million option, with a $2 million buyout, in 2005.

(via NY Times)

I worked this out last night:  David Wright played with Mike Piazza (04) who played with Franco (90) who played with Straw (83) who played with Ron Hodges (73) who played with Krane (Sept 62) who played with Gil Hodges who played Game 1 in 1962.

Fortunately, the Mets can LOL Anything.  Look closely.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Hey, 6:30 games are cool.  I was in bed by like 9:15!  Can we make this a regular thing?

The Mets head to Boston and so do the t-shirt people.  The hashtag and the tee for this outing are well…..let me let John Oliver tell you.


To each his own, but a #WickedLoyal beer drinking cap, sitting with Yankees Suck guy – that’s not the part of the fanbase I want to be part of. Also, #WickedLoyal has had 200 empty seats at games lately. Not the best look all around this time Army.

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