Oh good the 126th Street redevelopment might be….a parking lot

I am excerpting here so read the full story on Crains for better understanding including how Delta Air Lines fits in but…

In February, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city would go back to the drawing board after the state’s Court of Appeals struck down an earlier version of the Willets Point plan that involved building a shopping mall on parkland. The development team—The Related Cos. and Sterling Equities, the real estate arm of the Wilpon family—would build a 1,100-unit affordable-housing complex on 6 acres of city-owned property.

But just a month later, the developers notified a state agency overseeing soil remediation at Willets Point that they planned to build parking within the area delegated to the task force.

A roughly 6.5-acre swath of city-owned land would be paved over with three lots housing 665 parking spots and a large open space.

via Crains.

Anyway, you guys just argue about the CYA all day and then a year and a half from now act like I didn’t share this story and be outraged when the AAIMBR discovers it.

Oh and lets connect some more dots….hmm Delta wants parking.  The train to the plane route that makes no sense runs along the Citi Field property.

This is why you own a baseball team.  It opens doors to all kinds of Elite New York Deals you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

I’m sure when everyone talked about redeveloping Willets Point what they had in mind was long term parking for Delta Airlines.  That was the dream.

Anyway stop thinking about this….CY YOUNG DISTRACTION