How bad does it have to get before Manfred does something about the Yankees?

A question for David Roth of LOL Deadspin?  

At what point does Manfred step in and take the Yankees away from the Steinbrenners?

Once again, the Red Sox proved themselves to be the best run organization of the 21st century.  Meanwhile, the Yankees, playing in a relatively new stadium, with their own TV network, and a payroll of somewhere around $190 million recklessly spent dollars have NO WORLD SERIES APPEARANCES THIS DECADE.

This is the Bronx where we count rings not Wild Card appearances, and the Yankees have not been to the World Series in the 2010s.  Even the unluckiest teams in the sport will make a World Series appearance every now and then, but not these Yankees.  You almost have to go out of your way NOT to make a World Series.  Teams like the Royals, the Indians, the Mets, the Tigers, and the biggest losers of them all the Cubs have made a World Series appearance this decade.  The Yankees?  Nothing.  

It is time for the commissioner to step in and do something before one of baseball’s great franchises becomes a complete laughingstock of big salaries and nothing to show for it.

Maybe it is as simple as this: what is the likelihood that this ownership group can make things better, and what would be the cost if they were allowed to continue to go on making things worse?  (Deadspin)

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