Mets Police Morning Laziness: Yankees breaking bad

SLACKISH REACTION:  I covered that in How Bad Does It Have To Get Before Manfred Does Something About The Yankees.

I did not watch any baseball, I watched Gus and Mike.   Gus and Mike is a prequel to Breaking Bad in which in the first three seasons you fast forward through any scene with Jimmy’s brother.  In season 4, you skip any scene involving Kim, and I hate to say this, any scene involving Jimmy.  I know that’s what the show is supposedly about, but it’s boring AF.  Get to the cool parts with the drug dealers.   Anyway Gus and Mike is a great show.  You guys can watch Jimmy has issues with his brother all you want, but I’ll watch Gus and Mike, and hopefully far less Jimmy and far more Saul Goodman who was one of my favorite parts of Breaking Bad.

Next up will be S3 of Man In The High Castle, a show that is occasionally interesting and then drags.  I watched S3E1 and to no surprise, it was occasionally interesting and then drags.  It needs….and this is a phrase I rarely use….more Nazis.

Anyway, on to the Mets….

Can you name these Mets?

Come with me down this rabbit hole about the Mets pizza video

Slow news week:  Mets golf handicaps

Carlos Beltran, the Mets all time centerfielder, should be in the Mets HOF

And in Police news, Sting postponed a concert!

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