Mets Police Morning Laziness: this new Mets GM is gonna be lit!

New 34 year old Mets General Manager Ryan Howard likes advanced stats and analytics.


SLACKISH REACTION:  I don’t think there was a baseball game last night, but if there was, I did not watch it.  I played FIFA 19.

I see the story about the 1986 Mets player involved with something related to drugs.  No not that 1986 player, the other one.  I choose to ignore it.

People seem to think Mike Chernoff will be the Mets GM.  If so, keep in mind that Mike’s dad Mark Chernoff runs WFAN so all of you who whined that Mike Francesa didn’t have Mets on for a few years during the WOR Wahwah days should expect lots of Mets.  Yay.

I need my GM to be older than me.  I can’t even deal with Mickey, never mind some kid in his 30s talking to me about analytics.  I wan’t an old serious ex-marine type.

Anyone remember this Mets comic book?

Mike Piazza is selling his Tuscany Inspired Mansion.  It’s pretty sweet.

Today I have to Actually Work (TM) so expect lots of Mets news I can’t blog about.

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Looks like SNY and Queens Baseball Convention have a cool partnership
Remember the Mets Comic Book? I don't, but you're gonna click to see Cartoon Mike Piazza