Who should be added to the Mets Hall of Fame? Howie Rose

Welcome to day 6 of this awesome OFF-SEASON FILLER on who should be added to the Mets Hall of Fame.  You know who should be in?  Howie Rose

Here’s the case…when the Mets have BIG DAYS who do they have do the ceremony?  Not GKR….they use Howie.   Right there, he’s in the Mets Hall.  Plus he’s a long time broadcaster, and an innovator when he was a flamethrower on the original Mets Extra.   In previous articles I have made cases for Ron and Gary…which would leave Howie as the only long time broadcaster not in.  And that’s not right.

SHOULD HIS NUMBER BE RETIRED:   Howie does not have number.  Although I guess we could retire #21 from any future Mercury events.

WHEN SHOULD THE METS INDUCT HIM:   hmmm how about 2022….I’ve used up a lot of the earlier slots.

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