Mets Police Morning Laziness: at least I don’t have cavities…oh wait….

SLACKISH REACTION:  Wow there is nothing going on.  People are already starting with the dopey Countdown to Opening Day tweets and the AAIMBR led with “the NLCS Starts Tonight.”  There’s also a “Bautista had a good season” which is content for content’s sake if I ever saw it, and that’s coming from a guy who does Caps posts.  I had to Actually Work (TM) so I can’t even bore you with what video game I played (none) or what TV show I watched (none.)

Peter Alonso hit a HR in Arizona Fall League so people who have never seen him play a game have him penciled in as the MVP again.

People didn’t hate this orange pullover Mets jersey

How about Howie Rose for the Mets HOF?

I’m off to visit the dentist.  That’s actually more fun that sitting through the NLCS.

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Warsaw Mets!
Hmmm what do we think about this orange Mets pullover