Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wags COULD trade JDG AND THOR!!!!!!! Tebow COULD make team!!

SLACKISH REACTION: You are going to see some quotes from Wags…let me translate for you, as the other blogs and the stupid end of Mets Twitter won’t get it. Ready?

SNY CLICKBAIT: Wags not ruling out trading JDG or Thor!!!!

It’s called leverage.  You don’t think their new agent wants Kershaw Money?   Wags can’t open up with “no way we trade them.”   So no, it’s not ruled out.

ESPN CLICKBAIT: Alonso has a shot at being the Mets 1B!

You mean we aren’t going to decide on November 7th that the #1 Mets Prospect is definitely not going to make the team?   Non-story.  Anyway, think about if you really want to open the season with a rookie at 1B, and a might as well be rookie at 2B

YAHOO CLICKBAIT: Tebow has a shot at the Opening Day Roster!

This is the same point as the Alonso point.  What if Tebow hits .667 with power this spring?  Yes, he COULD make the team.  Come on Yahoo

NOT LINKING: The AAIMBR insists on doing nonsense like “Mets Free Agent Target: Craig Kimbrel.”  That’s the equivalent of me writing “People Who Could Be In A Star Wars Movie:  Anglie Jolie”   It means NOTHING.   Yes, Craig Kimbrel is a baseball player.  Don’t read these things folks.

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