Mets GM Wags talks to some reporters…l clickbait you….here’s what he said about Catchers!

In a boring Q&A with reporters, blogs everywhere will be picking apart every sentence.

He has NOT put a 4 team trade together.  He said this.

He would like the Mets pitchers to have good defense behind them.  That’s good because some of the other teams try to have bad defense behind their pitchers which is kind of stupid.

He does not want to get into the details of specific negotiations!!!!   Wow, I thought he would tell us on Facebook what he’s talking to JDG about.

He does not have a timetable for adding scouts and stuff!    Which sounds like panic city but he did say he had three days in the office and then went to the meetings.  So remain calm.

He spoke to Terry Collins!   Wags wants the minor leaguers to be “prepared.”  That’s good.  Terry agrees with this.

Wags thinks the Mets don’t HAVE TO do anything at catcher.   Mets seem to have someone named Travis who could catch.

The Mets will talk to Free Agents at the catching position AND OTHERS!!!   Well that’s good.

He wants a balance of LH and RH hitters!!

Thanks for the content Wags!

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