Theory: crazy people have hijacked the AAIMBR blogs and posted that the Mets should get Machado

I saw that both versions of the Amazing Apple insiderized Mets Blog Report posted that the Mets should sign Machado.

My working theory is that an insane person has gotten their credentials and started posting.  An alternate theory is that one of the 74 college kids that write for those sites has gone insane – it’s an inside job!

What part of Machado attracts you?    Is it…

  • the long term contract?  That always works out great.
  • the “I don’t hustle” attitude that’s gonna play so so well with all of you (and me) in this town.
  • Is it the 35 Camden Yards Home Runs Power, which is 19 in Citi Field?

I’m sure that combo of Citi  Field Adjusted Stats, admitting to no hustle and a long contract will make Janny Bachado a fan favorite.

Or, wait, new theory – y’all did what you always do and just copied something Mets Blog wrote.  Ah, that must be it.

Anyway, the Mets aren’t spending that kind of coin and you guys are always wrong about every player anyway….so let’s move on.    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s “Jerry Blevins 2019 Projection” posts.

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