Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wags set to make first Big Mistake with Cano deal, and what does he know about Thor?

Today is Day 16 of Noah Syndergaard not being traded.

So yesterday on twitter I floated of of my Mulder Conspiracies, but then I saw Hardball Talk have the same independent thought not too long after.

So riddle me this – why would the Mets be looking to get rid of Thor.  Is it possible that they, and by then I mean his ex-agent, know something that the general populace doesn’t?   That would make sense, right?

Now is Thor’s arm about to fall off?  Is he about to be indicted as part of a conspiracy to open a hotel in Moscow?  That piece is unclear to me, but kinda seems like Wags may know something.

This whole Cano thing seems like a major mistake to me.  It screams like another one of those New Regime pressers where Jeff comes out and tells us that he wanted to show the fans that the Mets are serious.

I dunno man.  Very ex-Yankee, PEDs, 36….none of that makes me want to consume your brand MORE.  At best it’s neutral.  The back end of this contract is sure to be a party.  And did anyone tell Wags what happens to Home Runs in Citi Field?  I don’t think they did.  This one will go really bad, and I will be happy to have to post this on Freezing Cold Takes when I am wrong.

And believe me, I know how this goes, the Mets can field an outfield of Harvey Weinstein, OJ Simpson and Colonel Green and nobody cares about anything as long as they win.

Oh and Cano is an ex-Wags client.  More suspicious activity.

At some point we should just keep Murph guys.  Which brings us to..

The Mets have brought 2B of the future Dilson Herrera back into the organization.  You remember Dilson, you wanted to play him over Murph about 4 second basemen ago?   Well, with the 2B of the Future back, The Future Is Now, and it makes no sense to get Cano since he won’t play over this stud.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I still have THE VIRUS but I did have a nice dream.  I was at Shea, sitting in the 3B field boxes, it was a weekday day game on a nice sunny day in September, and we had a radio where we were listening to Ralph Kiner do PBP.  It was nice to revisit all that for a few minutes in dreamland.


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