Are the Mets being conned?

This trade makes no sense.  Trading Syndergaard makes no sense.  None of this makes sense.

But now, a tweet has led me to The Matrix.   I see it now.  I see all.  Now it all makes sense.

This my friends, this is a LONG CON.

Here’s the con.

The agency sends Wags off to be a General Manager.  The Wilpons fall for a good looking man in a nice suit.

Wags knows these guys are rubes and spends the next few years doing all sorts of outrageous deals.  Take Back New York style.   Some of the deals even involve his former clients, oh my what a coincidence.

Along the way, Wags creates Salary Escalation in baseball.  The big spending Mets force the Yankees to spend.  Everyone spends.  Salaries go UP UP UP.

Free Agent Jacob deGrom, ex-client, KA-CHING

Zoom zoom zoom.  Good times for players and their agents!!!!

And eventually the bubble bursts, the Mets lose 105 games and Wags gets fired.   Who takes him back?

The Agency.

Welcome back Wags.  Well done.  You got all our guys more money, and now we all make bigger commissions.

And Jeff never saw him coming.