Mets officially announce Franchise Course Set For Doom – acquire Cano, Diaz from Mariners

Welcome to the End Times.

Just to recap, the Mets have acquired a 36 year old guy who had a PED suspension and in exchange gave up almost all their prospects. That’s what all the smart teams are doing….getting older. Also, players continue to play well after Age 36.

Spin this all you want about Jay Bruce’s contract or that closers are that important….this is a disaster.

At this hour people are into the deal.  Why?  Because the local beat is.  And is the local beat ever right about these things?  No they aren’t.

So as you see your fellow under informed Mets fan on twitter start to follow The Beat’s lead and start buying World Series tickets, just ask yourself, what has The Destroyer done?

36.  PEDs.   36.  PEDs.



Emptied the farm.

For his ex-client.