Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wags ready to doom Mets for entire 2020s

They say the destroyer will come in the guise of the savior.  Nice clothes, nice smile, nice hair.  Saying the things the angry populace want to hear.  But in the end, total destruction.

Today, the Mets will announce plans to make sure they don’t win the World Series in the 2020s either.

Today, the Mets will acquire a 36 year old big contract guy coming off a PED suspension.

Today, the Mets will unload the farm.

Today, someone will try to tell you the financials make sense, as if Jay Bruce had five years and $100M left on his contract.  As if Jay Bruce somehow is what has been wrong in Queens.

Today is the beginning of The Death of A Baseball Team.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Thanks…although I feel bad.   Yesterday I had to run out the door at 6am and did a super quick Morning Laziness.  The only thing I had to link to was the rumor about the Mets being interested in Kluber so I went with the SNY-style-mocking headline of the Mets COULD het Kluber with COULD in caps.  Well, that article, and by article I mean like 4 sentences and a link, got a ton of clicks.  I guess the SNY model DOES work.  To be fair, they have been much better the last three-four days, which was right after one of their key employees got sad in my general direction.  Interesting.

Anyway, the thanks is for you reading the site.   The 2018 numbers are already better than all of 2017, with a full month to do, and 2016 is well in sight.  As I have said before, it will take a World Series run to get to 2015 (and as you know that won’t happen until at least 2030 now), so I can consider having the best numbers post-WS to be a good season.   I’m not sure if this, or any site, will see the kind of traffic it did in the first half of the decade as the internet changed and I apparently should have started a Finsta or something…..but in the end I am very happy with 2018 so thank you.

I like this line from Sports Illustrated

The Mets are banking on “Robinson Cano will remain an All-Star–caliber hitter at age 36 and beyond,” against the counter-evidence of “The career path of every non-Barry Bonds player in history.”

Today is Day 19 of the Mets not trading Noah Snydergaard.  Because what says WIN NOW better than getting rid of one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Welcome to 1992.  It’s going a long time in the desert now.  Don’t fall for today’s parlor ticks.


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