Whoa Mets to dust off rarely worn #24 for Cano


Willie Mays, Kelvin Torve, Rickey Henderson and now Cano.

So after Willie retired, the Mets parked 24.  Kinda like 8, or presumably 5 now.

One year it showed up on Kelvin Torve’s back!  Who?  Exactly?  Even I at a young age was like WTF?

Anyway it was Charlie Samuels (equipment manager) something something only uniform that fit, sounded like hogwash to me, and it didn’t last long.

Then Rickey Henderson wore it – my man’s a HOF so not ridiculous….

..and now it’s being dusted off again for a player with a decent resume so not horrible but unexpected.

This is the beginning of the end of the team anyway, so why not burn it all down?

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