Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wags pulls of his Cano Job

This is a mistake. Every fiber in my being says THIS IS A MISTAKE. I only know that I’m right.

SLACKISH REACTION: Today, the Mets will hold a press conference. The Destroyer will introduce his former client. Jeff will tell us, once again, that he wanted to show the fans that the Mets are serious about winning. All of this has happened before and will happen again. I am telling you THIS IS A MISTAKE.

Ignore the Beat. They are always wrong about everything every time. Say hi to Ike Davis at the Matt Harvey Hall of Fame induction, I’ll be at Murph’s. They are choosing to ignore the Mets are grabbing a 36 year old off a PED suspension, who happens to be Wags ex-client, and are acting like A Closer was the problem with the Mets and now they’ve solved the great closer problem…and don’t forget how it was Jay Bruce’s contract that was crippling the organization.  All nonsense.

Ask yourself, and read this one, ARE THE METS BEING CONNED?

Day 20 of Noah Syndergaard not being traded.  I thought the story was nonsense but I do not trust The Destroyer so who knows.

Nice customer service the Mets yesterday.

Apparently I am hosting a uniform discussion at the Queens Baseball Convention.  I don’t know why it got announced in the middle of Cano Day, so I’ll discuss that later in the week when we’re all dying for content.