Mets Police Morning Laziness: in which everyone glosses over Cano knee surgery and no prospects to trade

ICYMI the Mets are NOT trading Thor, which ends my count-up which had been at 20 days as of yesterday.  It is if the whole thing had been clickbait all along.

I am not sure why everyone is glossing over that CANO HAD KNEE SURGEY AFTER THE SEASON  but they are.  It will be fine.  It’s always fine in Queens.  It’s not like someone is RUNNING A CON.

Also looks like some idiot gave away all the prospects and now we can’t make trades.   Gonna be a long 15 years.

This year not only did the Mets not invite the bloggers to the Holiday Party (fine), they didn’t even tell us it existed! So if they don’t want me to promote it I won’t, and I will just tell you that Nimmo was Santa and we can all dust off our Santa Curse posts…except Nimmo was Santa in 2017 so the Curse is over.

SLACKISH REACTION:  My Rocky re-watch continued with Rocky III.  Does Clubber Lang just retire?  He was a hell of a fighter.  Seems like he would have stuck around, and there would have been a nice pay day for Lang-Balboa III.  Also, why doesn’t Apollo just fight him himself, as Apollo is in better shape than Rock?