Mets Police Morning Laziness: this Syndergaard deal is getting worse all the time

SLACKISH REACTION:  There are crackhead stories this morning in which the Mets would make a three way trade in which the Mets wind up with Realmuto and the Yankees get Syndergaard.  Burn the whole thing down if that comes to pass.   Does Wags know that Syndergaard is one pitch away from his arm falling off, or that he’s secretly a member of ISIS?  I don’t get why Syndergaard rumors are back, I thought we were passed that.

Beyond that, there are 50 million rumor articles.  My favorite was at the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report who posted that “Report: Mets met with someone…” which was just them recapping a Formerly MetsBlog report that the Mets met with someone.  As I pointed out, I met Billy Dee Williams once, and that doesn’t mean I am in Star Wars IX.  Or Am I????

Wags is the worst.  I kind of hope Thor does wind up on the Yankees so this whole thing goes bad on Jeff and his new Bro-Pal.

Noah Syndergaard will make $6M this year.

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