Syndergaard to Yankees: Are the Mets being conned?

So let’s walk through the latest trade rumor.

J.T. Realmuto.  CAA client.  Wold be a UFA in 2021.  You know what would build his star power?  Getting the hell out of Miami and playing in New York.

Noah Syndergaard.  CAA client.   Former Wags’ client.  You know what is the only thing that could build his star power?  Getting out of Queens and moving to the Yankees.

I have asked before Are The Mets Being Conned?

Is this really about making teams better, or is it about making situations better for a certain set of clients?

Noah Syndergaard is 26.  He’s projected to make around $6 million.  Why would you not want him on your team?  Do you think Realmuto is THAT good?

Ask yourself, what is really going on here?

When this all goes south and Wags needs a job, where do you suppose he’s going to land? Any chance he returns to CAA?  As Sandy might say, “It is conceivable.”

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