The Jeff Wilpon Wags Mets Bro-Pal Theory

I’m not sure if it was Jeff Passan’s intention – maybe it was – but the paragraph below kind of backs up my Jeff Wilpon Bro-Pal theory, that Jeff just wants to be one of the cool guys, and with Wags in a nice suit – he’s got the coolest Bro of them all.  The bold is mine.  Regardless, a must-read.

Let’s save the questions of how smart a deal it is or how likely it may be for later and focus instead on what Van Wagenen has done. The clearest path to the Mets winning is tapping the resources ownership long has held under lock and key, and the quickest way into the vault is by playing to the greatest inadequacies of the organization’s most inadequate person. Intentional or not – and Van Wagenen is exceedingly sharp, so assume what you will – merely the sense of constant action, however real it may be, is new and exciting and fun, words and feelings rarely associated with the Mets.

Source: Winter meetings: Brodie Van Wagenen’s aggressiveness should be applauded

Look at us baby!  We’re making moves!  Sure they all involve CAA clients and often former clients of Wags…but we’re making moves!

I will ask you again – are the Mets being conned?  No really, are they being conned? (link to different Con story).


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