Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets screw up own Revisionist Cano Deal Narrative by signing Familia

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets annoyed me yesterday.  Usually when I have to Actually Work (TM) I schedule a bunch of generic things – cap posts and the like – so that the bag stays active.  However, I hate “wasting” posts. There’s nothing worse than firing off a nice generic Cap Post, and then 5 minutes later you get a press release from the Mets announcing something major.

So yesterday, I figured maybe the Mets would make some moves or something, at the Late Fall Meetings, so I left the blog blank.  And they did nothing all day, so I had no posts.  Jerks.  Fortunately I had like 5 things to post when I got home at 9pm.  Scroll on down the blog folks!

Anyway, this morning we wake up to the news that the Mets have signed Familia!   Wait, what?  I thought the Con Artist had convinced all the yahoos on twitter that the Mets gave up the farm for Awesome Closer Sugar Diaz and that the 36 year old ex-Wags-client coming off a PED suspension was just a throw in on the deal.  (aka #TheNarrative) Now we have TWO closers?   Only three OFers in the entire organization, but hey TWO closers.   At least Syndergaard is still here.

Familia shockingly is not repped by CAA, but he is repped by ACES who also rep David Wright.

Oh, in case you missed it, in his nightly Vegas recap Wags floated the idea of McNeil playing some OF.

The Mets are going to sign Bryce Harper and Mexico is going to pay for it.

ICYMI all my night-time posts….

Looks like Figs got demoted and Todd Ziele will be the main guy on pre and post.

The Mets made this fun guide to the Late Fall Meetings

Thor chimed in on Thor rumors

The Mets have Cano and Sugar Diaz shirseys

and apparently SNY has a cool night-time social media person who might not be down with what the daytime person does…

Meanwhile in NOT LINKING:  The AAIMBR is writing things like New York Mets offseason trade target: Relief pitcher Steve Cishek and New York Mets first baseman options for Opening Day 2019 currently.



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