Mets Police Morning Laziness: Make Moves, Not Excuses and Slogans.

The pitching coach has a new catch-phrase: Make Pitches, Not Excuses.  

That’s nice and all but don’t the Mets ever realize how stupid they are.  Now that that’s out there…and includes NOT EXCUSES….it is begging to be ripped, shredded and reworked and mocked.  How about MAKE MOVES Not Excuses. How about SIGN HARPER not excuses etc.  You know what to do.  I have to get to work again (sigh, what is even going on with me Actually Working all the time now) and need coffee.

The article also discusses the misguided theory of not taking one pitch off.   Hopefully that means Strategy-Wise and not Mickey Hodges’ dumb idea of using your best stuff on every pitch.  That is called THROWING, where the art of pitching is to set people up for the third AB.  I will let Tom Seaver explain that when I have more time.

The newspaper made itself useful for the first time in months….

Wright will receive $9 million this season, with a $4 million lump sum coming on Thursday and the other $5 million given to him through the course of the baseball calendar. The remaining $6 million will be deferred with 2¹/₂ percent interest, compounded monthly, with annual $2 million payments coming each July 1 (better known in the Mets’ world as Bobby Bonilla Day) from 2021 through 2023 and the interest paid out on Dec. 31, 2023. (via NY Post)

Nobody cares @mets. Sign some real depth. Or start a skateboard team.

SLACKISH REACTION:   Not sure which was worse…Trump reading a speech with zero inflection like he was in 6th grade….or the Dems pulling out two of their least charismatic people to reply.  Here, watch this…

Yeah yeah shut up and stick to baseball I thought this was a Mets site etc.   Sorry, I live in America not Metstropolis and I can multitask.  Besides I just attacked both parties, this way EVERYONE can be mad at me.

Can Justin Turner hit a baseball blindfolded?  

If the Mets showed up in orange pullovers what would you do?

Blood Drive today with Kranepool, Shamsky and Mr. Met.

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Can Justin Turner hit a baseball blindfolded? Watch this!