The 126th Street Soccer Stadium, Affordable Housing, the new schools and other unicorns not coming near Citi Field

Here’s another one of those articles people SHOULD read but won’t…and then will be mad about in 5-10 years when they start paying attention.

New Gothamist has a good walk through about the soccer stadium coming to 126th Street.  You know, the one Queensboro FC is gonna play in.  You know, because we’re gonna build a 25,000 seat soccer stadium, not for an MLS team but for a D2 USL team.  Because there’s soccer demand for 25,000 for minor league soccer.

That of course might be in place of, or in addition to, who knows, to the schools, the affordable housing, and/or the Delta Airlines parking lot.   And maybe a mall across the street.   Here’s Gothamist with more…

Also unclear is how much city money has already been spent on the Willets Point project, and how much would still be needed to prepare the site, which lacks basic infrastructure like sidewalks, streetlights, or sewers, needs to be raised to prevent flooding from Flushing Creek, and requires toxic waste cleanup after years of auto servicing on the land.


Currently, QDG has committed only to building 1,100 affordable units on the southernmost six acres of the 23-acre “Phase 1” site, implying that it needed the cash from the now-stymied mall project to fund any more.

Anyway, when that new soccer stadium opens let me know.  Maybe we can meet in front of the new school next to the affordable housing.  And Mexico is going to pay for it.

If you’d like to be an educated fan of all things Wilpon…oh don’t think they aren’t part of this….read the Gothamist piece.


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