Mets Police Morning Laziness: I’m cold, Syndergaard is shirtless and hot

If you are new, the Morning Laziness is to save you the time of even lookin at other sites.  Furthermore, most articles don’t have any meat and all you need are the headlines.  Here are two examples:  Port St. Lucie tickets go on sale Saturday at 10am.  The Mets signed TdA to $3.5 million.  Do you really need someone to drag that out to five paragraphs with words like “the 29 year old catcher…”  No you don’t.

NOT LINKING: Not Linking is the segment where I eyeball silly content on other sites.  as it is a quiet day they are back down to “should the Mets extend JDG”  and the “best and worst case for Juan Lagares” article levels.

SLACKISH REACTION:  My version of Adam Rubin’s Rapid Reaction except I wait until the next morning to write it.  Another busy day of having to Actually Work (TM) for me.  Can’t you guys just get a few hundred thousand of your friends to follow the site so I can sit home and make fun of Matt Harvey all day every day?

I keep forgetting to tell you Todd Ziele is coming to the Queens Baseball Convention.  Todd Ziele is coming to the Queens Baseball Convention.