Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets acquire Actual Major Leaguer who happens to be ex-Wags client

Wags getting it done!  He brought in an Actual Major Leaguer in Jed Lowrie.  Like an actual legitimate depth piece!  Bravo.  I have LOTS MORE to say about it in last night’s piece...including the obvious conspiracy.

WHEN WILL MANFRED DO SOMETHING?   You may notice I use that line a lt, which comes from me responding to a dopey piece David J. Roth wrote for Deadspin away about Manfred taking the Mets away from the Wilpons because Reasons as if Manfred is taking away a $2 Billion Property because they haven’t been in the World Series in THREE SEASONS.  Come on bro.  Anyway, I am told Mr. Roth will be at QBC.   COULD be interesting.   I’d like to ask Mr. Roth when he will be asking when will Manfred will be taking the Yankees away from the stupid cheap Steinbrenners who have no fielded a pennant winning team this decade despite playing in New York with a new stadium and their own cable network.  The Red Sox outspend them and are the class team of the century.  Manfred needs to step in.  See you there David.

Tim Tebow got engaged!  

Former hitting coach Rick Down has died.

People are getting all upset on my on The Twitter that I pointed out Lowrie is an ex-client of Wags (and part of the long con).  They aren’t reading the part where I say it’s a good signing.  Both can be true.

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Mets Prospect Tim Tebow got engaged!