Mets Police Morning Laziness: Wags says Come Get Us, doesn’t understand Mets Karma

SLACKISH REACTION:  My boy Wags was talking some smack late afternoon yesterday coming down off the We Announced I Signed Another Second Baseman Who Happens To Be An Ex-Client Of Mine high,

Oh Wags….don’t you understand Mets Karma? Now Thor is gonna slip on a banana peel and crash into Cano’s knee on a staircase. Stay humble bromance.

Wait what? The OF is not a priority? We’re playing McNeil out of position? Keon Broxton? WHAT????

Do you think Wags follows me?

Anyway, Wags had his presser with another one of his bro-pals, which I recapped here, and SNY.TV showed like this…

Anyway, Lowrie was a good signing.  Even if part of a sleeper agent’s long con.

ICYMI The Mets played us all with the Piazza Spider-Man thing…and had a Spider-Man bobblehead ready to announce.  I am told the line outside the Rotunda is 17 miles long but the Mets are not going to open the gates just yet.

Wilmer Flores signed with the Arizona D’cks.  As an ex-Met expect Wilmer to hit .385.

The Dark Knight of Los Angeles of Anaheim has posted the below to Instagram. What does it mean?


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The Long Con: the plan to play McNeil in the Mets outfield.
Mets Crest Snapback Cap