Who wore the most number of different Mets uniform designs? It’s gotta be David Wright.

Dave from Dave’s Mets Dugout hit me with this idea which I now steal MWAHAHAHAHA…..thanks Dave!  He’s on the West Coast and they can’t follow sports until after 8pm Eastern out there so he’ll never know I posted this MWAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I digress.  The topic is Which Met Wore The Most Uniform Designs?

And you know what I mean by uniform, let’s not bog down in stuff like patches.   Also let’s not bog down in “Ivory” vs “Cream” (remember all that…maybe I will dust that off for off-season filler.)

The answer has to be David Wright.  I have been blogging for over a decade so I did an image search on words like Wright and Jersey and added in some of my own memories and here’s what I came up with….

2018.  Blue.  Safe to say he hung out in the home pins and roads too.  (Running total 3)

2016 racing stripe. (4)

Here he is in 2015 violating undershirt policies…(5)

Remember the Mets had Camo Mondays?  I kinda like these.  Sorry. (7)

David Wright in violation of MLB Rule 1.11 (a)(2)

2015 Camo for Memorial Day (and all the other camo designs, not included in this post…because it’s not that interesting)  (8)

2014 Home pins with TDK.   (already covered)

This undershirt matches teammates and is not in violation.

Ugh, drop shadow pins. (9)

Don’t forget we had pinless homes…with drop shadow….(10)

(that’s not David Wright.  The blog started in 2008, when did YOUR blog start?  Oh wait, you are Paul Lukas. I apologize Mr. Lukas)

…and without drop shadow…(11)

Black.  Black home.  Black N E W Y O R K. (13)

Oh yeah this….(14)

Which reminds me…(YES I KNOW THIS ISN’T DAVID WRIGHT) (18)

What else…how about these 2012 throwbacks (19)

How about these 2013 throwbacks? (20)

The Royal Giants from 2014 (Yes I know that isn’t DW, stop asking me) (21)

The New York Giants throwbacks in 2010! (22)

And of course I could spend an hour doing Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Money Grab Day etc…  (Infinity)

Dare we even get into St. Patrick’s Day?


One of only 5 such Murphy 28 jerseys known to exist to mankind.

Dare we get into Spring Training?  Like this model from 2012…

No, we dare not.

Dave, I don’t know how many jerseys it is…and I probably missed some (chime in on Mets Police Facebook) but boy that’s a LOT.

(And now that I published this, look for MLB to announce the Spring jerseys to annoy me in 3…2….)