Idea: Baseball should have just ONE player from each team wear 42 for Jackie Robinson Day here’s why.

Is that not beautiful?   Let’s use that as a jumping off point for a discussion.

I think we all agree that baseball recognizing Jackie Robinson every April 15th is a great thing.

Idea: what if instead of EVERYONE wearing 42, one (or three) player(s) served as the, for lack of a better term, ambassador for Jackie on that day.

Do you really care or even believe someone like Matt Harvey when he wears 42? Sometimes too much is too much, and maybe when everyone is 42 then maybe nobody is 42 (whipped that one out of my Stump Speech Handbook).

But seriously, say the Mets declared that this year it will be Robinson Cano who will get the honor of playing as #42. In that role, Robinson could serve as the focal point for the media:  Why is this so important to you? What does Jackie mean to you?

Yes Jackie can be important to many players, but I’m sure there are some guys that are just slapping on the 42 because that what Kevin Kierst stuck in their locker.

Let’s make this mean even more. One guy. One guy with the honor…and challenge…of trying to live up to Jackie’s legacy for just one day.

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