Fan killed by foul ball – what now for MLB Netting?

a bat flies over the protective netting at Citi Field.

PREAMBLE:  This is a terrible story.  I do not come here to mock, do any sort of”told ya so” (quite the opposite), or anything else in poor form.  I also do not want to pretend that I have not been quite vocally against the extended netting.

A 79-year-old woman died last August after being struck in the head by a foul ball during a game at Dodger Stadium, ESPN Outside the Lines reports.  (last August -SS)

Goldbloom had been sitting in the stadium’s Loge Level, the level above field level, just above the area protected by netting on the first-base side. Per the story, Goldbloom was not on her phone.

(via Yahoo)

I personally have not been to Dodger Stadium since 1998, so I don’t know the extend of their netting, but this blog suggests they were to have the extended netting in place early last season.

So my question to you is…what now?  More netting?  Should the entire seating top to bottom be protected?  It’s hard to argue NO at this point.  Assuming the extended netting was in place, clearly it was not enough.  I’m not doing my usual sarcasm here to make a backdoor point.   Clearly a fan was killed by a foul ball.  My question to you is what should MLB do now?   Does the league decide this was an unfortunate statistical anomaly, or do they net the entire 360?   That’s a tough call.