Jason Bay, Hall of Famer. Canadian Hall of Famer.

St. Marys, Ont. – The four members of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2019 induction class own a combined eight World Series rings, five all-star selections and four Tip O’Neill awards, and together would’ve formed a strong foundation for a professional baseball team.

Former slugger Jason Bay (Trail, B.C.),  versatile ex-pitcher Ryan Dempster (Sechelt, B.C.), esteemed coach Rob Thomson (Sarnia, Ont.) and long-time executive Gord Ash (Toronto, Ont.) will be inducted into the Canadian ball shrine in a ceremony to take place on June 15 at the Hall of Fame grounds in St. Marys, Ont.

Hey congrats to Jason Bay!

You may wonder why the heck the Canadian Baseball HOF is in wherever St. Mary’s is…but I will remind you that the American version is in some random town in nowhere New York so there.

If nothing else, this gives me a chance to dust off the Jason Bay Player’s Choice jerseys you forgot existed..

And let us not forget one of the strangest moments in Mets Press Conference History…

…which gives me an idea for a post for tomorrow….