Thor Syndergaard, The Virus, T.D. Knight, Keith Hernandez, Freddie Mercury and my Super Mega Baseball Team

I got in a customization mood on Sunday and made some more players for my Super Mega Baseball 2 team.  I still haven’t done uniforms (I think I will go with blue numbers on a black jersey, which will fit the style of the game…and maybe some road orange with blue, we’ll see.)

I thought you might enjoy meeting my guys…

Leading off, at shortstop, #7 The Virus.  (that’s his name, surname Virus)

Batting second, the second baseman #28 Daniel Murphy!

At first base, #17 Keith Hernandez

On the mound, #34 Thor Syndergaard!

#33, T.D. Knight.  Knight has a high ego.

And in the pen, #69, Freddie Mercury.   Why?  Because I accidentally turned Sunglasses ON while building Keith Hernandez and….

This is how I spend my weekends.

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