Mets Police Morning Laziness: bad news for the guy with the Vargas jersey

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well at least I slept in but now I have to do a 6 mile training run which I’d rather do outside but it’s cold out.  Why can’t it be 40 something and cold on my rest days?

There’s a story that MLB is considering Mets-Nationals for the 2020 London Series. They are also considering Cubs-Cardinals. Who do you think is going to win that?  I wouldn’t book a flight just yet.

Bad news for all of you with custom Vargas jerseys….you will need another!  Vargas is giving us his number to Ramos.

Good thing the numbers guy did all these tweets or I’d have nothing.  Also looking forward to saying #23 on your scorecard but #1 in your hearts….


Last night I was playing NHL18 (18 not 19, I barely know the players and I play as the San Diego Neptunes) and was on a hockey kick.

Younger readers may not believe me that in 1994 the NHL was more popular than the NBA which looked like it was about to go in the tank.   The Rangers were hotter than hot in this town (even with the Knicks in the finals, it was Hockeytown) and that Michael Jordan guy had stopped playing.  Hockey was it, and about to start it’s big national TV Deal with Fox!

I know you don’t believe me, so read this SI article from 1994.

Oh…NHL95 was better than NHL94.  I know 94 gets all the articles written about it, but 95 was a better video game.