Mets Police Morning Laziness: Quiet Monday don’t bother

SLACKISH REACTION:  Quiet morning off a quiet weekend.  Pitchers and Catchers report tomorrow (also Anaheim pitchers and catchers report, I know I am excited for one pitcher)

I spent a lot of time writing yesterday and have some good stuff lined up for the week.  Today’s Morning Laziness….not so good….nothing going on.  But the point of the Laziness is to save YOU time…believe me, nothing going on.  No need to hit the newspapers or the AAIMBR.

There are FIVE aces!

Didn’t we used to have Five Aces?

NOT LINKING:  Articles about how guys will fight for jobs this Spring!  No Way!!!  Also the AAIMBR rewrites articles from the weekend’s newspapers.

What Mets player wore the second most different jerseys? Could it be John Franco?
Don't brag about three when a year ago we were told we had FIVE Aces on the Mets