Mobile tickets, No Backpacks and all the little things Sports Teams do to make attending less desirable

I was minding my own business when I got an email from the Red Bulls about some improvements to Red Bull Arena.  Hey, I like stadium stuff….let me click…and I saw this…

Access to Red Bull Arena will be via mobile ticketing-only beginning in 2019. Mobile ticketing will provide guests of Red Bull Arena a safe and convenient ticketing experience while increasing protection against fraud.  Red Members will receive a digital Member Card which can be accessed via the Red Bulls mobile app in the coming weeks. All guests of Red Bull Arena can gain access to managing their tickets by downloading the Red Bulls mobile app. Updated details of the mobile ticketing policy, including FAQs, will be available at in the coming weeks.

I mentioned on twitter that I don’t like mobile tickets, and it seems lots of you agree.  Sure mobile tickets can be convenient…but they can also be inconvenient.   Is there really a lot of MLS Ticket Fraud?  Maybe there is…please educate me if you are with the MLS Fraud Stoppers.

You may have seen the Nationals instituted a No Backpack policy.

 Backpacks are now prohibited inside Nationals Park, except as provided herein. Prohibiting backpacks allows us to enhance security within Nationals Park.

Of course…

on the day of purchase, backpacks purchased inside the Nationals Baseball Stadium Complex* during the game or event at the Nationals Baseball Stadium Complex* will be tagged and permitted for that day only.

So no backpacks, unless you buy a backpack.  Then backpacks are OK.

This is security theater for reasons well laid out in this USA Today Article.  Backpacks can be just as dangerous a few blocks away….maybe just your team’s liability is better off.

The New York (AL)’s even had a no sunscreen policy at one point…although they would sell you some.

I make a pretty good living.  I have Disposable Income that I am sure the Sportsball Leagues would love to tap into.  I also work off a laptop.  I carry the laptop in a backpack.  I carry this laptop everywhere.  It lives in a backpack.  I even bring it to soccer tournaments and occasionally hot spot my phone when Work pops up.  So for me, to attend Sportsball without my laptop is a non-starter.

Hopefully the Mets read this and continue to have their sensible policies.  I just looked and they do have a rule that

Prohibited items include items larger than 16″ x 16 x8″

which compares to the Nats

  • All purses, bags (excluding backpacks (except as provided herein)), drawstring bags, diaper bags and soft-sided coolers that do not exceed 16″x16″x8″.

except the Nats have specifically singled out backpacks.

Hmmm interesting.  I actually (for real) ordered a new backpack this morning as the one I have been using got Shark Attacked by a snack seeking dog.   The new one is the same as the old one.  The bag not the dog.  The old dog wouldn’t have eaten my bag.  Anyway,  I had my Amazon order handy…let’s see how big my backpack is.

The Commuter measures a capacity of 29L (1,769 cu.) per ASTM international standard, a size that makes this backpack perfect for everyday carry. A padded laptop slot and tablet/accessory slot are mounted to the main compartments rigid back wall, which are easily accessed by the dedicated tech zipper. In front of the tech slots in the large main compartment is a 12″ wide, 19″ tall, and 4″ deep, compartment with plenty of room to store clothes, gear, or books. In front of the main compartment is another large compartment nearly as big, at 11″ wide, 18″ tall, and 2.5″ deep. At the front of the bag you will find two more compartments, the first and larger measuring 11″ wide, 16″ tall, and 2″ deep is great for charging cords, toiletries, or any medium sized gear. The second smaller compartment at 11″ wide, 12″ tall, and 2″ deep has an integrated 7 pocket organizer and detachable key fob to allow for further organization of your smaller items.

So Mets, your move…are you really not going to let me in because I have a 19 inch bag?  Is it that the bag is anextra three inches taller that makes someone a threat?   Again so far the Mets have been reasonable about such things.

All of these things seem pretty minor issues, especially if you sit in the press box….but once you’re actually in the stands, or trying to get to the stands, it’s pretty annoying and another reason not to go to games.

Save that ticket money and buy yourself a nice TV.

Oh and cut the cord. Cable TV is a ripoff. YouTube TV with SNY. Do it.