Whatever happened to the Mets Press Conference Caps?

The brain gets fuzzy over the years.

At some point, I think 2013, although my image above is from 2016, the Mets and/or MLB announced there would be Press Conference Caps.

I don’t think they were ever deployed.

The idea was they would be “trucker” design, and I remember having a hard time imagining one of these on Terry Collins’ head.

As I was writing some posts on Sunday, this cap popped into my head and I started digging to dust off my brain so I could write the post

But holy cow look what I found on eBay!

Is that an ACTUAL Mets press conference cap?????

I don’t think I’ve actually seen an actual one.

Wow, was MLB really going to send people out in these?

Fortunately, I don’t think that ever occurred (whew) but can you imagine?

And from the blogger’s chair, it’s always fun to uncover something I have never seen before.

I’d love to know the story of why these were never deployed.

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