How many Misters Met are there? An exploration of Mr. Met Continuity

I was having a silly argument on twitter with @mediagoon about his favorite show Gotham (season 15 should be awesome) and this new thing they announced called Pennyworth which is a prequel about Bruce Wayne’s butler and man season 41 should be awesome.   Goon mentioned “you know there are three Jokers in DC Continuity” at which point I remembered how stupid DC is at everything and I just shot back that “you know there are three Misters Met in Mets Continuity” and then he suggested there are maybe more….

As I like a nice generic meaty piece for days where I have to Actually Work (TM), I figured it would be a good opportunity to throw one of my old posts in a blender and make a new post out of it.


You know this guy.  The original.  Hung around until around the Seaver Trade at which point he threw up his hands and was replaced by a mule. (No really kids, he was replaced by Mettle the Mule).

Mr. Met dated Lady Met.  Lady Met is not to be confused with the present Mrs. Met.   Lady Met is presumably the mother of the current Mr. Met and his brother who we will talk to in a second.   Here we see Mister and Lady with a young boy.

Hey look…Lady Met had an early version of the hybrid cap!!!!  Why is her cap black????

It appears as those Mister eventually put a ring on it, and she became Mrs. Met (the first) per this wonderful post on Uni Watch.

Uni Watch: First and foremost, let’s clear up one very important thing: Were you Mrs. Met or Lady Met?

Lynn Farrell: They told me I was Mrs. Met. And when I signed an autograph, that’s how I signed it.

Sure we could have a whole side conversation about Lady/Mrs. Met but Paul Lukas has that covered

and Mrs. Met checked out around the time Mister did.

The late 70s were rough.   Looks like Mr. Met lost half his stitching  and grew a porn stache and well….had enough.

In the 1980s no Mister Met was around.  Don’t let this current guy make you think he was around in 1986.  He was most assuredly not.  I defy anyone to show me Mr. Met at any game in the 1980s.

During those days there were some unofficial Mascot wannabes.  I remember a guy regularly walking around as The Mets Magician, kind of a blue wizard costume, and another guy The Mets Maniac who would rub his hands together like he had OCD.  If anyone has any pictures of those PLEASE SHARE to shannon at mets police dot com.  PLEASE!!!

Anyway….eventually we got


This guy has been almost retconned out of existence.  This too if anyone has any photos of him please share.  There’s almost zero about him on the internet.   He did not last long.  I tagged him with the name Mr. Met 1.5 which has kind of stuck, as Mr. Met 2 is really…


Yeah yeah you know all about this one.

But to @Mediagoon’s point…this Mr. Met has a family in continuity….

Here he is with a woman and three kids.  Is she the current Mrs. Met (Mrs. Met two, or is she Mrs. Met III – I sense another filler post next winter mwahahaha) with different hair?  We do know she changes her hairstyle occasionally….

That’s her original hairstyle for the new incarnation…which lasted like two days for real….and these days she wears her hair in a ponytail….

So let’s assume there isn’t Mrs. Ex-Met out there (or worse that something befell her) and that she just liked the shaved head look when she had young kids.

Oh wait…someone has an eye for the ladies…maybe there ARE Three Mrs. Mets including Mrs. Ex-Met.  I doubt she put up with his crap.  SHE’S RIGHT THERE, stop checking out hotties man.    Plus his brother is annoying.   I definitely smell a filler post.

But there are kids.  I guess they are boys?  They look like boys for whatever subjective bias I have that makes me think they are boys?

Now if you are the son of Mr. Jones and you become an adult you too are likely Mr. Jones.  So one would think one, two or three of the current Mr. Met’s children will be Mr. Met when he grows up.

Now in terms of being Mr. Met with a job at Citi Field…presumably one of the sons assumes the mantle and becomes THE FOURTH MR. MET

But come to think about it….when’s the last time we saw those Mr. Met kids?  They don’t seem to be around much.  This Three Mrs. Met theory is starting to make sense (oh you can just smell another filler post can’t you?).  Maybe Mrs. Ex-Met got custody.  She probably HATES the sexy young second wife.  Um, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone….


And there ya have it folks…your guide to Mr. Met Continuity


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