Mets Police Morning Laziness: Fat Cespedes, Mickey likes Challenges, TDKRYA

SLACKISH REACTION:  Man, you take one night off to hit the bar and you wake up to 700 work emails, 50 texts about Matt Harvey and lots of stuff to blog.  Oh I guess I will start here – do I secretly work for Yahoo?

For some reason, SNY, the cable network that broadcasts the Mets’ games, decided to set themselves up for failure (as the Mets tend to do) by tweeting out video of Yoenis Cespedes’ arrival on Wednesday. …

On top of all that, Cespedes rolled up in Port St. Lucie in much different fashion than he has in years past on Wednesday. Remember when he rode a horse into Spring Training in 2016? Well, this year it appears as though he ate the horse this offseason: (Via Yahoo)

Hmmm maybe I should have started here…

“Bring on as much pressure as possible,” Callaway said. “The pressure is welcomed, and I’m going to be better suited to handle things on a daily basis because of my experience last year.” (Yahoo)

Oh don’t worry, I will.

Meanwhile, you know who likes to return…..he gets his own article later this morning.


TC Palm, not the best loading website, but a good source for Spring Bloggers, says the Mets could be looking to leave Port St. Lucie!

I’m still hung up on the Mets having on orange uniform

Whatever happened to the Mets Press Conference Caps?