The Matt Harvey Movie’s Third Act looks for its redemption story

The Dark Knight of Los Angeles of Anaheim arrived.  With his arrival, some familiar themes.  It looks like he has attended Talking Points Lessons.  I will save you the click..he wants to win, we are here to win a championship etc…

But The Matt Harvey Movie’s Third Act is already being written by Yahoo
, in a feel good story….a story of coming home…a story of redemption….

TEMPE, Ariz. — There is a place where he may be proud and regretful, where today is just going to have to be better than yesterday and so is just going to have to be good enough, where that guy he knew from way back when remains a work in progress, where that pitcher from the same time remains possible.

Where, in a way, he can be 18 again.

“I wish,” said Matt Harvey, for the first time wearing the colors of the team that drafted him 12 years ago. He smiled.

You can see the movie in your mind….now we flash back to him being 18….then to the Mets…some scenes of The Next Seaver…maybe it’s an honest movie and we film some scenes after midnight in Soho……the injuries…the trade to Cincy….oh it’s a sad tale, and all the movie needs is the Happy Ending….no Matt not that kind, that was in Act One…..

If there is such a thing as an old 30, and he’ll be 30 next month, Harvey certainly has put in the time and effort toward it. He has the scars, too. Some of them show. Some, those by his own hand, do not, except that he is here, in this place. (Yahoo)

Oh man oh man is a script being written.  An old 30.

He wishes he worked harder when he was great, because he loved being great, and he maybe didn’t know how much until he wasn’t, and didn’t know how hard it was to stay great. (Yahoo)

Here’s the thing though….we in New York have seen the film already.  You know, the one where The Dark Knight Returns, and he’s in shape, and he’s saying the right things, and he just wants to get back on the mound and…..there’s a scene involving burritos and security guards.

Matt’s making $11 million.  Don’t feel too bad for him.   He’s playing in the Greater Los Angeles area, which given his love of burrito night, probably wasn’t the smartest place to land.  Oh, I’ll watch The Dark Knight Returns Yet Again But This Time in Anaheim Of Los Angeles but I don’t expect it ends with Matt and his true love the Angels holding up a trophy.  It very well may wind up on whatever the LA version of Page Six is.   Welcome back Matty Baseball, I have missed you.