Mets trying to copyright LGM to which I say GFY


In a little-noticed filing last week with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Amazins submitted a second request to trademark “LGM” — the popular hashtag on Twitter and Instagram that’s shorthand for “Let’s Go Mets.”


The new application wants to secure LGM protection for “education and entertainment services,” including at “museums,” “baseball exhibitions,” and “seminars in the field of sports and cultural history.”

(via New York Post)

Yeah I’m sure the Mets are really focused on museums and cultural history.  I know cultural history is important to them by the way they are allowing their mascot to be used on merchandise whose imagery stems from ethnic stereotypes.  Perhaps the judge can throw this back in their LGMming faces.

I also hope The7Line files to show THEY have been using LGM on merch and that The7Line gets the copyright, despite their current involvement in the offensive cap below

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