Carter, Johnson, Nixon, Wilson and The 2019 Mets All Presidents Team

Happy President’s Day.  You know the day when we celebrate the Presidents and stuff.

I thought Prez Day would make for some solid EVERGREEN FILLER CONTENT.   Blog once (in 2018) and you can get years out of this (in 2019).

President Gary “James Earl” Carter

President Al “Andrew” Jackson

Not to be confused with our newest President Jackson, Austin Jackson of the 2018 Mets.   He’s not getting a photo.

President Stan “Thomas” Jefferson.  (Wasn’t he “Stanley” Jefferson?  The official roster and his cards say Stan)

LynJo, President Lyndon B. “Howard” Johnson.  (yeah I flipped it for the joke)

Trot “Tricky Dick” Nixon was not a crook in 2008

Claudell “George” Washington from 1980


William Hayward “Woody” Wilson (Not to be confused with 2019’s Justin Wildrow Wilson)

And last but not least (well maybe least) let us not forget Brian “James’ Buchanan (2004 Mets) who I can’t even find in a Mets uniform.


And there ya have it.  QUALITY FILLER CONTENT for another year.

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