Mets Mount Rushmore Monday: The Mount Rushmore of Mets Announcers

Welcome to Mets Mount Rushmore Monday, a new series of filler posts.  For these, I will declare The Mount Rushmore Of….  and name four names.

My buddy Hayes asked what the criteria are.  I dunno.  I’m carving a hypothetical mountain and want hypothetical tourists to come see it (other mountains probably have higher WAR).

Like the Actual Mount Rushmore there are only 4 spots.  This may create tough decisions.   Ready….

Bob Murphy

Ralph Kiner

Tim McCarver

Keith Hernandez

Whoa, you can’t believe I left off (Nelson, Cohen, Rose, Healy etc…).  That’s right.  There are only 4 spots.

The lazy thing would have been to put the Original Three and include Lindsey Nelson.  Look man, I only get 4 spots and I can’t tie up three with those guys.  Lindsey left early…no mountain for you.

As for Murph and Ralph….if you don’t get it, this is the wrong blog for you.

As for Tim McCarver – Tim is the reason Ralph is up there.  I know we all love Ralph, but Ralph five minutes before McCarver was a TERRIBLE announcer known for malapropisms.  Tim came along and knew how to pull stories out of Ralph, a move later borrowed by Gary Cohen.

Tim in his own right changed the booth.  He started talking about strategy we had never heard about before.  Kind of like a Tony Romo for 1980’s baseball.  No, really.

Tim’s later years, saddled with Joe Buck and no longer being a fresh voice, resulted in some unfair revisionist history.  I am putting Tim on the mountain.

And then we have to include GKR.  It is Keith who is the indispensable one.   I will break it down like this….we’ve all seen a game where one of the three isn’t there.

Wayne Randazzo/Keith/Ron.  It’s fine.

Gary/Keith.  It’s fine.

Gary/Ron.  It’s kind of boring.  Those games are always boring.

KEITH BRINGS THE DANGER.  And he’s going to make my mountain dangerous.

No Howie?  No Howie.  I love Howie.  Howie is actually the best announcer in the game right now.  But he’s not making the mountain.   He very well make another mountain that will have KB on it…but he’s not on this one.

Ralph, Bob, Tim, Keith.  Your Mount Rushmore of Mets Announcers.